Roots Revealed offers a range of professional genealogy research services for your Irish and Northern Irish ancestors.  Whether your ancestors were Irish, Scots-Irish, Ulster-Scots, English, Huguenot or Quaker, our Family History Research will provide you with a comprehensive, fully referenced report on your family.  If you prefer to do the research yourself and want to maximise your time, a Bespoke Genealogy Consultation and Research Plan is ideal. House History Research is available for older buildings, while Historical Research can be undertaken for exhibitions, tours and events.  Assistance can be given for applications for Irish citizenship and documents can be retrieved from local archives. Genealogy Gift Vouchers are an ideal present for that difficult to buy for loved one.


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This service is ideal for those who are keen to research their Northern Irish or Irish ancestry but are unable to do it themselves, perhaps due to lack of time or knowledge about what records are available and where they can be found. Perhaps you have exhausted online records and need to progress with Irish ancestral records that may be held in archives and libraries.  Alternatively, you may want a specific piece of research undertaken or have a question or family mystery that you would like to resolve while others may have hit a brick wall and need help to overcome it.  Perhaps you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and need a fresh pair of eyes to re-evaluate research that has already been carried out.

An Initial Assessment by email is free of charge.  I will ask you to complete a form to provide as much information as possible and once you have forwarded it, I will let you know within two weeks whether it seems likely that records are available for your ancestor.  I will let you know how many hours research it will take to achieve your ancestor research objectives.


You will receive a written report detailing the searches undertaken, with information about archives used, which Irish records have been searched, positive results, negative results, an analysis of the findings and with all records fully referenced. 


There is an option to have your Family History Report professionally printed in an attractive book to share with your family and friends.


Research costs are £35 per hour, travel is charged at 45p per mile and certificates are charged at cost.  Depending on the size of project, it may be possible to pay in instalments.  Be sure to ask about this when making your initial enquiry.


Let me help you to Reveal those Roots!



Irish genealogy research has the reputation of being difficult due to the destruction of many Irish records in the 1800's and 1900's.  Finding out what records are available and where they can be found can be a bewildering experience, as unfortunately not everything of interest to the genealogist is held in one central location.  This service is perfect for those who would like to undertake research themselves but would like guidance on where records relevant to their Irish ancestors may be found. 


This personalised plan will enable researchers to maximise the effectiveness of their research and make the best use of their time.  It will provide you with an overview of records applicable to the time period and location of your ancestor and will include a range of records that may be found in archives and on various websites.


If done online, this service costs £70. 


If you’re visiting Northern Ireland, it can be provided during a face-to-face consultation and will cost £35 per hour, including travelling time.



This will be of interest to individuals who live in an old property and who are curious about its history, when it was built, who lived in it before them and the stories of the people who lived there, along with information about the surrounding area and the historical context. 


This makes an ideal and unusual gift – why not surprise a loved one with the history of their home?


Businesses such as hotels, guest houses, pubs and restaurants located in older premises may like to avail of this service, enabling them to share the history of the building with their guests.


There is an option to have the House History professionally printed in an attractive book to share with family, friends, visitors and guests. Prices are available on application.


Two types of House History are available:



This is a concise history that will provide information on the date of construction, a list of the people who lived there using documents such as Census, Street Directories, Griffith’s Valuations and Tithe Records.  The report will set the property in local context with information about the area and will include photographs, maps and relevant documents, along with suggestions for further research and a list of sources used. *


The House History Report costs £600 and will usually be delivered within four to six weeks.


In addition to the information in the House History Report shown above, this detailed report will include information about the construction of the building and biographical information about the people who lived there.  You will gain an understanding of their lives and the report will include a summary of local and national events that would have impacted on their lives. *


The In-Depth House History costs £975 and will usually be delivered within six to eight weeks.


Please note, this service is only available for properties located in Northern Ireland. 


*Before research commences, it cannot be guaranteed that all of these records exist.  There may be copyright restrictions on providing copies of some documents or images within your report.

House History Report

In-Depth House History Report



Roots Revealed can undertake research for the required Birth, Marriage and Death records to prove Irish ancestry for an individual who wants to apply for Irish citizenship and an Irish passport. You must be registered as an Irish citizen before you can apply for an Irish Passport.


Being an Irish citizen means that you are formally recognised as a national of Ireland and a citizen of the European Union. It gives you certain rights, including the right to carry an Irish passport, live and work in Ireland and the EU, and receive consular help from Irish embassies and consulates abroad.


Claiming citizenship through descent from an Irish parent or grandparent applies to those born anywhere on the island of Ireland, including Northern Ireland.  The situation if you are claiming citizenship through descent from an Irish great-grandparent is a little more complex and further information may be found at the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (see below).


The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has a handy guide to walk you through whether you may be entitled to Irish citizenship.


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade processes applications for citizenship through Foreign Births Registration and more information may be found on their website.



This service will benefit those who know of a specific document or certificate that they want but who are unable to access it themselves.


Documents that have not been digitised and are not available online can be obtained from locations such as the General Register Office Northern Ireland (GRONI), Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI), the Linenhall Library, the Presbyterian Historical Society Archives and Heritage Libraries throughout Northern Ireland, (including the Newspaper Library in Belfast).

Some examples of records that can be obtained from the General Register Office Northern Ireland (GRONI) in person include Birth Certificates that are less than 100 years old, Death Certificates less than 50 years old and Marriage Certificates less than 75 years old.

The Public Records Office Northern Ireland (PRONI) hold many records that have not been digitised but can be obtained in person and these include for example church records, Tithe Applotment Books, Griffiths Valuation Maps, school records, workhouse records, employment records and estate records such as leases, maps, muster rolls, etc.

The Newspaper Library in Belfast holds many local newspapers that have not been digitised, as do many libraries around Northern Ireland.  The Linenhall Library in Belfast has many books and documents of interest to the genealogist.

If you can provide the reference of the document you require, costs for this service are £45, plus the cost of any certificate, or cost for photocopying charged by the organisation in question.  If research has to be undertaken to find the documents in questions, costs are the normal research fees of £35 per hour.  Travel will be charged at 45p per mile and parking will be charged at cost.



If you are an organisation or visitor attraction that needs historical research carried out for heritage events, exhibitions or museums, for inclusion in displays, websites, leaflets, tours or reports, Roots Revealed can carry this out to a high standard. 

Please get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.



An unusual yet useful gift for many occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, etc and is the perfect gift for that difficult to buy for loved one or the person who has everything.  Roots Revealed Genealogy Gift Vouchers may be used towards the cost of any of the services offered.  The minimum amount is for four hours (i.e. £140) and gift vouchers may be purchased in any multiple of £35.